Minggu, 27 Januari 2008

Creating domain in BEA weblogic

  1. Open the terminal and type cd /opt/bea/weblogic92/common/bin.
  2. Execute the by using command: ./
  3. The BEA weblogic configuration wizard will be opened and choose to create a new weblogic domain
  4. Configure the name and password
  5. in JDK selection box, choose the sun JDK 1.5.0_10
  6. Make sure that you choose yes option after selecting the JDK
  7. In administration server configuration, put the listen address and port
  8. The last part is, set the domain name and also the location while the domain folder will be created after clicking the Create button
  9. Open the terminal and go to the directory which the domain is created and then do the command: ./ for running the server
  10. After running the server, open the web browser and browse to: localhost:(specified port)/console
  11. Log in with your account and explore the services in BEA WebLogic Administration Console